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Single Mother Assistance Article

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Single Mother Family Assistance


There are a variety of sources available for single mother family assistance. Some of these sources do not provide actual monetary help but they do provide information and support to single mothers. Many of these sources can be found through the churches and schools in the area in which the single mother lives. Since a lot of research indicates that single mothers are more likely to be successful if they have a good support system, many of these organizations have support groups available.

Some organizations will have one or two individuals who are familiar with programs in the community that provide single mother family assistance. These helpers may also be able to help the single mother complete an application. Some larger communities might have organizations that can help a woman search for single mother family assistance on the computer. Much help is available, but, in many cases, the women who need the help most are not aware of the possibilities, or they donít know how to use the computer to search for information. Even though an agency such as a public library does not seem to provide single mother family assistance, it may be the best first step for a woman. She should check her public library to discover what programs are available in her community to help her search for single mother family assistance.

There are several programs through the Agency of Housing and Urban Development that can help a woman find housing assistance. These programs provide different help. Some programs can help rural women without housing find a home, provided the women are able to pay for the new home (or apartment). Some programs can help a single woman obtain a first home for her family. Research is needed to discover the program that best fits the single motherís situation.

Some educational institutions have programs that provide single mother family assistance that will allow a single mother to attend school. Depending on the community and the educational institution, methods of providing child care while the woman is in school may be available.

Many organizations provide free online newsletters that provide help for single parents. The newsletters vary from area to area, but many of them allow single mothers to post questions. These questions might be answered by someone in the community who has the information the mother needs. Some of the questions might not have easy answers, or the person who has the information might not be familiar with the newsletter, but these sources of information can provide information that canít easily be discovered any where else.

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