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Single Mothers: Dating Preparation For The Stressed


Preparing for a date is often seen as a wonderful anticipation. For single mothers, dating preparation can take the best multi-tasking skills they have while trying to maintain their composure. Getting ready for a date with that someone special for a single mother, may have taken a month or more of careful screening and selection. It requires careful management of time and money, with babysitters and family potentially to be involved. Or, it may mean trying to finagle a date when the kids are with their father, not so easy a feat in today's time-crunched world.

Remind Yourself To Relax And Enjoy Yourself

If you have done your homework and screened a person to your satisfaction, then you can hopefully have your mind on your date and not your children or the former spouse. One of the keys to a successful date for single mothers: dating preparation that allows her to be free of worry and stress. Soak in a tub. Agree to events that you know excite and amuse you, keeping your mind off your obligations at home. Keep the conversation light and try to have some fun! After all the obligatory hairdressing, nail polishing, and wardrobe selection, just remind yourself to have some fun too! It may be nerve-wracking to be on a date again, it may have been exhausting to get the preparations done, but it's also exhilarating and affirming of your womanhood.

Give Details Of Your Date And Whereabouts To Your Stand-In

Although its important to keep the children from being involved too deeply in your own romantic adventures, it's wise to let the stand-in caregiver know where you are going and with whom. If this is a new date from the Internet, give out the name of the gentleman and where you are meeting. Give out your cell phone number and ask them to call you at a certain time to check in on you. Use a password for if you are in danger. All these things seem overboard, except that for single mothers, dating preparation may mean keeping your risk low so that you can return to take care of your children.

What If Your Date Wants A Sleepover?

If a relationship has progressed enough to deepen to more intimate levels, it's still best to keep that action away from the children. Unfortunately, for single mothers, dating preparation for a stay-over may mean choosing a date when the child is with the non-custodial parent. In the event that isn't likely to happen soon, then scheduling a trip away from home while your kids stay with a relative might be a good excuse to deepen your relationship.

Use Protection For Your Sake And Your Kids

With the gamut of sexually transmitted diseases around, some of them quite fatal, it is wise for single mothers dating preparation to include protection. A pregnancy or illness could cause her not only to lose her health, but her job, and ultimately her children. As harsh as it may sound, single mothers have a lot more to lose and a lot more people depending on her should her one-night stand turn into a lifetime problem.

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