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Single moms are often viewed as underprivileged, overworked, underemployed and generally, under advantaged. This is not necessarily true. While there is a large segment of single moms who did not plan their pregnancy, it is becoming more acceptable to plan a single parent family. Adoption and artificial insemination are becoming more common for single women, with adoption agencies relaxing their view on single parenting and artificial insemination more readily available and successful.

Single moms do have a busy life; there is no doubt about that. There is no one to share the jobs of making sure that the children get off to school in the morning, getting the kids to after school lessons and activities and getting them to doctor and dentist appointments. Single moms bear the sole responsibility for making sure the household is run efficiently. When there is no father, single moms also bear the sole responsibility for the children’s emotional well-being.

Support groups have sprung up nationwide for single moms. These groups offer advice on raising children, handling finances, emotional issues, even dating. Many local support groups offer baby-sitting co-ops, sharing resources so that all members are able to find some time away from the children for personal time and for work.

Single moms often feel alienated from traditional families and feel as though they are not welcome to participate in organizations filled with traditional families. Finding a support group can give these single moms the confidence they need to go about the business of raising their children and participating in scouts and school events.

Single moms who are newly divorced often experience self-doubt, fear and confusion over how to deal with their new role. In addition to their own emotional turmoil, they must deal with the emotional effects the divorce has had on their children. Children deal with feelings of abandonment, fears that neither parent really wants them, fears that they are the cause of the divorce and nervousness at having to split their time between two homes. Single moms often need support in dealing with these issues with their children. Support groups offer advice on dealing with children’s issues and often have affordable counseling available for single moms and their children.

Single moms who are newly divorced often experience feelings of resentment at the loss of their old lifestyle. The lack of free time, the reduction in finances, the additional workloads that single moms must adjust to are often daunting. Support groups can make the transition to the life of single parenthood much easier and much more comfortable, both for the single moms and for the children.

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