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Effects On Children Of Single Parenting Article

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Single Parenting Today


A lot is changing within society. As the divorce rate went up to 50%, more and more single parenting households began to appear on the landscape. With them come social and economic changes that have affected all levels of our society. Single parenting today is becoming a mainstay of our culture, and it is interesting to see the ways it is affecting American life.

Some of the ways single parenting has changed over the years:

* Now there are more males doing single parenting as well as females
* Single mothers are buying more homes than before
* There are less single mothers on welfare and more in the workforce
* There are more organizations to help single parents

In the past, many single parent households were primarily headed by a female. Now, more and more fathers are getting custody of their children. It will be interesting to see how this affects the basic male stereotypes that are inherent in American culture. It's becoming more and more accepted to be a "Mr. Mom." But how this will affect the workforce that has primarily seen child care as the province of women remains to be seen.

It is a fact in real estate, that more single women than single men are buying homes by themselves. Good portions of these women are single parenting. A home is not only a source of pride and security, but it becomes a hedge against poverty for many single mothers. Many of these single parenting households are changing the features that builders are offering in new homes with maintenance packages and safety features being the most important.

Ever since welfare for single mothers was cut back, more and more women who are doing single parenting have joined the workforce. Although it is still an uphill battle to make workplaces more family-friendly, there is a growing acknowledgement that this is important. There are programs now for flexible day care spending accounts and some companies even have on-site daycare. There is also a growing movement to point out the inequalities in the workplace when it comes to married people versus singles versus single parents.

It seems the first generation of single parents weren't satisfied with the services that the federal and state governments provided to them. Many of these same people have started their own non-profits with aims of reaching down and pulling the single mothers up from poverty or situations that keep them impoverished. Many of these programs aim to provide assistance to women in home-ownership, education, and careers. All one has to do is browse the Internet to find resources online to help single parents in this day and age of growing need.

These are just a few areas where single mothers and fathers are putting their mark on society. There are bound to be many more as the years progress.

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