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Building Relationship With A Single Mother


So, you got your eye on that hot momma in your writing club? What happens when you find out she really is a momma? Building relationship, with a single mother no less has to be one of the most intimidating and rewarding things a human can do. Like any intimate relationship, building trust and affection is the key. Your best bet is to be as genuine and warm as you can be, and realize there are some sacrifices you need to make when building relationship with a single mother.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

The only way to a single mother's heart is by slowly building relationship. With a single mother, who has a myriad of priorities, a romantic fling may be the furthest thing from her mind. Single mothers prefer to build relationship slowly so that they can ascertain whether a potential mate can be introduced to the children or not. If the relationship is not built on a sound foundation, the mother will most likely not want to expose her children to another person who might end up leaving them when the going gets tough, especially if they take a liking to you.

Her Children Come First

While it's nice to be the apple of someone's eye, there is one thing different about building relationship with a single mother. She already has someone that is the apple of her eye, and naturally you will always be second. Realize that if you love the mother, the rest will come. The children will grow and their needs are temporary. However, you may not meet another woman as fabulous as the single mother you have your eye on. Don't let her obligations keep you from building a relationship. Try to be patient and flexible with her needs and don't guilt trip her for not being able to make a date because one of her children is sick.

Honesty And Integrity

Single mothers don't have time for games. Nor do they have time for cheaters and players. When building relationship with a single mother any attempt to deceive her is grounds for a break-up. This may sound harsh, but her life is harsh and she has learned to cut her losses before they affect her children and her own mental and emotional health. Without her, the children suffer. She understands that men come and go, but her children are her lifetime achievement. A single mother is like a lioness protecting her cubs. Cheat or lie to her and she will make sure you get nowhere near her children. Single mothers do demand a level of honesty and commitment to integrity that some men find difficult to give.

If, however, you are a man of conscious and madly in love with a single mother - you have nothing to fear. Building relationship with a single mother brings its share of sacrifices but many joys as well. After all, how many people do you know that value honesty, integrity, loyalty, commitment, and know how to put their own needs aside on a daily basis for those they love? It may be a slow burn, but it is a magnificent fireworks.

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