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Welfare, Intergenerational Cohabitation Penalties, and Single ...
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reform, several states paid reduced welfare benefits to single mothers ... example, reduce grants only for women who receive federal housing subsidies, but ... -

Single Mothers: Working, But Still Poor (Gotham Gazette. August, 2006)
Spaci Single mothers in low-income households in New York City are eligible not only for the Federal earned income tax credit but also for the State’s earned ... - 39k -

Understanding Welfare Reform - Harvard Magazine (November-December ...
Spaci Did Hardship among Single Mothers and Their Children Decline? ... Policymakers could also expand federal housing subsidies for female-headed families in ... - 34k -

Spaci What follows is a review of these categories of federal housing programs from ... In 1997, 71% of single mothers in Canada were renters compared to 48% of ... - 41k -

JSTOR: The New Uprooted: Single Mothers in Urban Life
Spaci Because the federal welfare en- titlement for poor single mothers and their chil- dren are now ... state, and federal social services and housing services. ... -

Spaci In addition to the federal role in housing programs, it is also important to consider ... Aboriginal women, young women, immigrant women, single mothers, ... - 11k -

JSTOR: African American Single Mothers: Understanding Their Lives ...
Spaci The causes of single mothers' housing difficulties are explored in some ... women in the labor force to the shortage of decent federal subsidized housing. ... -

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